Presentations and Workshops

Facilitator: Tucson Community Forum, Topic: Affordable Care Act Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting. Arizona Department of Health Services.

Facilitator:  Professional Society Roundtable, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Topic:  Accelerating health care performance improvement efforts through continuing medical education.

Faculty: CHEST 2010 International Conference. Topic: Patient Safety Collaborative: Presentation of White Paper & Toolkit. American College of Chest Physicians.

Evaluator:  Improving Patient Care Through Education: Patient Safety Collaborative. The CHEST Foundation.

Facilitator: ACCP Grant Development and Management process: Topic Development of innovative educational programs and tools through national gap analysis of the education of physicians and other in the diagnosis, prophylaxis, and management of thromboembolic disease. The CHEST Foundation/sanofi-aventis.

Workshop Facilitator: Topic: Development of Statewide Framework for Educational Leadership. Arizona Department of Education.

Workshop Facilitator: Arizona Department of Education’s Arizona Adjunct Teacher Initiative.

Workshop Presenter: Topic: Evaluation of Transition to Teaching Initiatives. U. S. Department of Education. 2007 Project Directors’ Conference.

Faculty: American Association of Critical Care Nurses. AACN Webinar. Topic: Establishing a family-centered environment in the ICU.

Faculty: CHEST 2006 International Conference. Topic: US Survey of Asthma and COPD Coalitions: Results of National Study. American College of Chest Physicians.

Faculty: CHEST 2005 International Conference. Topic: Critical Care Family Assistance Program: A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors. American College of Chest Physicians.

Faculty: National Teaching Institute, American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Topic: A Coordinated Approach to Responding to the Needs of CCU Families.

Faculty: Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care: 40th Annual Conference. Topic:  Family Care: Responding to the Needs of Families in Critical Care Units.

Faculty: CHEST 2004 International Conference. Topic: Communicating with Families in the ICU: Family-Focused Care. American College of Chest Physicians.

Faculty: CHEST 2003 International Conference. Topic: Impact of Critical Illness on Families of  ICU Patients. American College of Chest Physicians. 

Workshop Facilitator: School Based Parenting Project Initiative. Topic: Building and Implementing a Sustainability Model. Arizona Department of Education and Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families/Division of Substance Abuse Prevention.

Workshop Facilitator: Arizona Governor’s Division of Drug Policy. Topic: Sustainability and Future Funding Workshop for School-Based Parenting Program Coordinators and Facilitators.

Workshop Facilitator: American College of Chest Physicians, The CHEST Foundation, Critical Care Unit Project Teams. Topic: Developing and Implementing Action Plans for Critical Care Family Assistance Program.

Workshop Facilitator: Project EXCEL. Topic: Blueprint for Conducting Prevention Program Evaluation.

Workshop Facilitator: Chicago Health Corps.  Topic:  Introduction to basic concepts of evaluation.

Workshop Facilitator: Primary Health Care: Working Together for Healthier Urban Communities, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing.  Topic:  How to Get a Community-Based Project Started – Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

Workshop Facilitator: Chicago Children’s Museum, Department of Community Services.  Topic: Evaluating Department Outcomes within Context of Major Areas of Institutional Mission.

Workshop Co-Facilitator: Arkansas State Department of Higher Education.  Topic:  Planning, Evaluation, and Budgeting for Arkansas Technical Colleges.

Workshop Leader: Arizona State Department of Education, Comprehensive Training Unit, At-Risk Demonstration Grants.  Topic:  Developing and Implementing an Evaluation Based Project Management Plan - A Workshop for Project Managers.

Workshop Facilitator: Teacher Training for Drive-By Peace Program, The Peace Museum.  Topic:  Integrating Program Evaluation and Assessment using State Standards.

Workshop Facilitator: Illinois School of Professional Psychology.  Topic: Development of Research  Proposals for Faculty Members.

Faculty: CHEST 2002 International Conference, Symposium on the Impact of Critical Illness on the Families of ICU Patients. American College of Chest Physicians.

Keynote Speaker:  American Lung Association, National Conference. Topic:  Presentation of Results of Descriptive Study of Asthma Coalitions.

Keynote Speaker:  American College of Chest Physicians, International Conference, Symposium on Asthma Coalitions. Presentation of Results of Descriptive Study of Asthma Coalitions.

Speaker: American Symphony Orchestra League, 54th National Conference.  Topic: Community Relations Strategies - Planning for an Evaluation.

Keynote Speaker:  Annual Conference for State Directors of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services.  Topic:  Transitional Issues and Decisions for Special Education.  Connecticut Bureau of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services, Hartford, CT.

Keynote Speaker:  Statewide Conference on Transition.  Topic:  Implementing Statewide Transition Plans - Nationwide Efforts.  State Department of Education, Boise, ID.

Speaker:  Third Annual Symposium on Leadership Development in Vocational Special Needs Education.  Topic:  Organizing & Evaluating Technical Assistance.  Office of Career Development for Special Populations, Champaign, IL.

Speaker:  Third Annual Conference - Work Now and in the Future.  Topic:  Transition Skills for Youth and Adults with Special Needs.  Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, OR.