Training and Facilitation

Training for Future Success

From entry-level staff members to seasoned professionals, everyone benefits from training. Targeted, well-planned training not only helps new-to-the-workforce individuals increase their skill set so they can function effectively in their work assignments, it also enables workforce veterans to refresh and update their skills and learn and adopt best practices.

The Wellington Group’s curriculum designers and training specialists work closely with clients to design customized, culturally sensitive competency-building programs using recognized models for adult learning. We incorporate training aids and educational materials into all instructional programs. And we conduct evaluations to ensure training recipients acquire the knowledge and skills clients need to build and sustain a highly qualified workforce.

The curriculum we develop is tailored to the educational needs of an organization and the learning style of participants.

Group Facilitation
 has been the cornerstone of our work for more than a decade. During that time, we have facilitated hundreds of events for business, government and non-profit organizations. The Wellington Group provides expert facilitators, usually trained in several different methodologies, specialties and experienced in different industries. We provide professional Group Facilitation on a variety of areas that results in product development as well as the organization of materials and processes to complete the task. 

Board and Staff Development

The effectiveness and harmony of board and staff leadership directly affects the success of a nonprofit organization. The Wellington Group provides executive coaching, leadership training, meeting facilitation and team building across organizations. 

We can help: